Never Stop Learning

Well, hello again.  This is the first time that we have updated this blog since November of 2010. That’s three and a quarter years ago.

Have we given up our ongoing journey towards optimizing our health-conscious lifestyle?

Can I say “no” strongly enough?


When we started this blog, we built our own little oasis in our little two bedroom apartment in West Texas.  Neither of us were from the area, and we found ourselves forced to create our own culture.  Looking back, we wouldn’t change a thing.  It was a huge blessing, as “struggles” can often be.

We have since left the flat dust of the South Plains for the Blackland Prairie of North Texas. In addition to an improved air quality*, higher availability of water**, and a greener view, we are closer to family.


While we will miss the opportunities to exploration in New Mexico, that’s about the only drawback we’ve noticed.  Organic foods are significantly easier to access.  The “health” market sector has significantly more competition, which not only improves availability, but also leads to price competition. (which is always a good thing)

The biggest change over the last three years is that we are no longer a family of two.  Our “Teenie Tiny” has been along for the journey as well, and we have some amazing things to share as time goes on.


No longer are we in a two bedroom apartment, but we bought a house in a quiet suburb on ~1/3 of an acre.  This isn’t a lot of space, but it’s huge, as far as we’re concerned.  The size of the usable “yard” (garden?) was the primary draw for us.  Why?  The healthiest, best tasting food you will ever taste, is the food you grow yourself.  We have a lot to say on this topic, as well.

blacklandsWe have grown from being focused only on our own health, but also how our lifestyle affects everything and everyone around us.  We have learned a lot, and we are excited to share the continuation of our journey towards a healthy, truly sustainable(as possible) lifestyle with you.

*some of the most fertile soil in the US is in the Blackland Prairie. Unlike the South Plains, it isn’t blanketed with endless cotton farms, which require heavy use of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and water. Oddly, it is also a very windy, dry region. You can guess how that affects the air quality.
**the entire state has been in drought conditions for a few years, but with ~30″ of precipitation per year, we consider this a fairly secure region on a small scale.

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