Homemade Makeup: D.I.Y. Cacao Powder Foundation

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been mesmerized by the idea of creating my own cosmetics and fragrances. I used to collect random flowers and smash them carefully (and sometimes not so carefully), so I could mix and match the scents I created. As I got older, a full schedule and varying responsibilities kept me from even remembering that I enjoyed this activity. Now that I have a toddler, part of my new “job”, includes running around and “smelling the flowers” a little bit more. As teeny tiny and I were walking around our ever budding yard earlier on in the week, I thought that it was about time to get back to that childhood “hobby.” After all, why wouldn’t I want to create my own cosmetics that are healthy and perfectly matched to me?

We already make our own laundry detergent, which we love. We are also in the process of developing recipes for most of our household cleaning products, so this idea is not a huge leap for us.

I’ve been using natural and organic cosmetics for years, which are a great option for my skin, because they don’t contain the toxic chemicals that other popular brands do. However, they are not very budget friendly. In addition, I’ve always had difficulty perfectly matching my naturally olive-toned skin.

I also have to be honest that the idea of applying delicious and edible ingredients on my face, like chocolate, sounds intriguing.

After a lot of researching, I finally settled on a quick and easy recipe to replace my powdered foundation.

Taking the Plunge

Since this was my first try with DIY cosmetics, I thought I would keep it simple. I wanted ingredients that were easy to find and use. I also hate long ingredient lists when it comes to my cosmetics. This is a situation where I really think that less is more.

So, I nervously let my expensive powdered foundation run out. I wanted to make sure to give this recipe a fair shot instead of having my commercial powder available as a backup.

The day after it ran out, I made my recipe. It took me just a few minutes, and Teeny Tiny even helped me mix it. (Craft activity and DIY cosmetics at the same time is a big plus, in my book.) This recipe is super simple, and it only has two ingredients.

The D.I.Y. Cacao Powdered Foundation Recipe

The recipe itself combines two common ingredients: organic arrowroot powder and organic cacao or cocoa powder. I use raw cacao powder, since it’s the one that we use in the kitchen at home. Raw cacao has a slightly different tint that’s actually perfect for my skin. (bonus!)Raw Cacao Powder and Arrowroot Starch/Flour

Put ~1/4 cup of arrowroot powder in a mixing bowl. Slowly (and I do mean slowly) mix in some cacao/cocoa powder until you reach your desired color. If you accidentally put in too much cacao powder (like I did), you can always mix in some more arrowroot powder. (It will just leave you with more powder, which you can store.)

mixing arroroot and cacao
Teeny Tiny eating apple and mixing makeup

Make sure to mix the two ingredients well, so you don’t end up with chocolate spots all over your face. 😉 Then store it in a clean, dry, container with a tight-fitting lid. (I cleaned up my old powder container and stored it there.)

homemade makeup storage for use and backup

Note: You can always add a little bit of cinnamon for color as well, but I didn’t think that it was necessary in my case. (I probably would have needed it if I had used cocoa powder instead of cacao powder.)

This powder provides the same amount of coverage that my store-bought powder provides. It is light coverage, which is great for my day-to-day needs. The chocolate smell also goes away after about a minute, so it’s not an issue. Mr. AJ thinks that the homemade version works better than my store-bought powder.

Now Do It Yourself!

What do I think? I’m actually beyond surprised that I really like it. (I didn’t think I would.) It covers well, and the color matches me better. For now, I’ve happily traded away my store-bought powder for my homemade version.

After this experience, I’m definitely emboldened to try some other homemade makeup recipes. I think I’ll let my eyeshadow run out next to see what other simple but effective alternative I can make to use instead.

For now, feel free to experiment with this recipe yourself. Change it up in order to make it a truly perfect fit for your own skin. As with anything new that you put on your skin, be smart about it. If you know that you’re sensitive to a certain ingredient or spice, don’t use it. If you’re worried about how your skin will react, test a less conspicuous area for allergies.

Regardless, have fun with it, and don’t forget to post about your own successes or improvements to this recipe in the comment section below.



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