Today Is World Water Day

We Love Water!

We love swimming in the ocean, trying to surf, spending time by the lake, sailing, and really just about anything that involves water. We also love drinking clean water, and we realize that it’s a resource that we need to value and take care of.

World Water Day

World Water Day focuses on highlighting the importance of freshwater. It also focuses on global solutions to our increasing water problems, such as water pollution. The first Water Day was on March 22, 1993, and it has continued every year since that date. This year’s theme focuses on solutions to our water problems using nature as inspiration. If you are new to this blog, using nature as inspiration is kind of a recurring theme around here.

Clean Water Access

Where we live, we are fortunate that we get to enjoy convenient access to, mostly, clean drinking water. Although that statement is currently in question, due to concerns about the current chlorine treatment we’re experiencing. We have always used, and continue to use a water filter because of increasing water concerns in the U.S.

However, a big portion of the world does not have access to clean drinking water. Many also don’t have access to filtration to clean their water. Sadly, our oceans and water supplies continue to be contaminated by more and more agro-chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and just general cultural excess. It seems like an impossible problem to solve, but small changes can make a big impact over time.

Everyone’s Responsibility

At our house, we are pretty serious about only using cleaning products that don’t harm the environment and our water sources. We also minimize our waste by composting and reusing as much as we can.

Today, during World Water Day, we’re going to look at our own consumption and look at what else we can change to lessen our impact, and contribute to the cause. Will you join us by looking at your own consumption and your own waste? What small change can we all make today that will have a significant impact on our future?


We love to hear your comments. Leave yours here!

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