But where do you get your protein?

Being a vegetarian, at least in our house, means that you have an immense variety of delicious and nutritious plant based foods to choose from. It also means that you get asked a lot of questions about your health and diet. (And I do mean a lot) I usually welcome the questions. I love talking …

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Gardening: Truly Non-Toxic Pest Control

The Problem with Common "Organic" Solutions When new to gardening, you will undoubtedly face a slew of pests on your tender edibles. Aphids, spider mites, squash bugs, tomato horn worms, and more will likely take up residence in your lush new outdoor food factory. What a lot of gardeners do is freak out and try …

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Gardening: Preparing Your New Garden Bed

Whether you're a brand new gardener, or if you're looking to start gardening naturally/organically, the odds are very good that you're planning a fresh start. This article is a mini-primer on ways to prepare a garden plot so that you can grow delicious and nutritious fruits and veggies. No yard?  No problem. Follow the instructions …

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