Favorite Healthy Road Trip Snacks

Back when Mr. AJ and I got married, we loved to go on road trips any time that we got the chance. It was a fantastic way for us to get some uninterrupted time together as we explored new and exciting places. It was easy to hop in the car and stop for food or …

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But where do you get your protein?

Being a vegetarian, at least in our house, means that you have an immense variety of delicious and nutritious plant based foods to choose from. It also means that you get asked a lot of questions about your health and diet. (And I do mean a lot) I usually welcome the questions. I love talking …

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Thoughts on the Plant Based Diet: Protein

Everyone knows that Americans (in the United States) consume far too much meat, and not enough dark leafy greens, or plants in general. Books, documentaries, and news articles have been written in an effort to change your diet into something more environmentally sustainable, more economically sustainable, more resource efficient, and/or less prone to the #1 …

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