We really like food

Although you might not believe us, we really do like food. Now, bear with us for a second; we know we’re both skinny, and we’ve been accused of not eating enough, but we really do eat. We like food so much that we have various cookbooks that we read and research in order to make the perfect weekly menu.Before we started cooking, we ate out too much, and it made us both really unhappy. Not only that, but we felt tired and frustrated due to our limited options and not being truly satisfied with our choices. So we started cooking. That was a challenge in itself because we liked very different things, but we planned our menu according to what we thought our bodies needed. After a few weeks, we started noticing that we were feeling better, and we had more energy. Of course, this led us to try to learn a little bit more about what was making us feel so much better. We learned about processed foods, and we started to slowly cut them out of our menu. At that point, we thought we had it all figured out. No processed foods, and we were feeling pretty darn good…Then we found out about organics.

Don’t get us wrong, we knew about organics, but we really didn’t know the benefits until we started doing the research and actually eating mostly organic. There are too many reasons that convinced us to go organic, but the main ones were the lack of pesticides and chemical fertilizers  in what we were eating, and absolutely better tasting food.

The reason we’re still focusing on organics is that we feel even better than we did when we cut out processed foods alone. We have even more energy, better skin, and improved overall health. We don’t get sick nearly as often, and we’re in a better mood most of the time. It’s amazing how food can impact our quality of life. We’ve been experiencing it first-hand for a while, and we wanted to share it.

Now, there’s a lot more to this, and we have made many more changes on this journey, but this was one of the major landmarks along the way.

We have a lot of information about cutting out processed foods and the benefits of organics. If you’re curious, just ask us.

For now, just try it. Eat an organic apple, and you’ll get a taste of what we’re talking about.


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