Good News Friday: Tetra Pak is developing an all paper straw


Plastic straws are a common pollutant in our oceans, so Tetra Pak’s commitment to create a paper straw for their individual cartons is a really big deal. You would actually be able to recycle these straws along with the carton. Those tiny plastic straws that are currently attached to the individual cartons are too small to be recycled in most cases, and they are usually lost or tossed away since they are so light and small. They end up in our oceans with all of the other plastic excess from our lives. We’ve talked a little bit about the consequences of plastic pollution in our Life is Easier with Plastic article on our blog. Tetra Pak hopes to have the paper straws ready to launch by the end of the year. Although individual cartons still lead to more trash, versus buying a bigger carton, this is movement in the right direction. We’ll be optimistically watching their progress.

For now, enjoy your weekend, and check back next week for some more Good News Friday!


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