Good News Friday: The Ocean Cleanup Begins

We’ve been following The Ocean Cleanup Project for a few years now, and we love its ambitious mission to clean the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. They hope to clean half of the Pacific Garbage Patch in 5 years! That is huge considering that latest estimates showed that the Pacific Patch had 79,000 tons of plastic, and it is three times bigger than France. Not only that, but this number only continues to increase. All of the excess plastic that we use has to end up somewhere, and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the biggest accumulator of plastic in our oceans. We’ve written a little bit about the consequences of too much plastic in: Life is Easier with Plastic. Currently, there is so much plastic in our oceans that cleaning it seems almost impossible, but the Ocean Cleanup Project has developed a system, that if successful, will clear out the plastic quickly and effectively.

So this week, we were thrilled to learn that one of our favorite projects is in its final stages of testing their system right now. They plan to start the actual cleanup process this summer.

You can follow their progress and learn all about the technology behind the cleanup at:

Want some more good news? It’s Friday! Enjoy your weekend, and check back next week for some more Good News!


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